Seaware stock 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Rock Oil for inboard and outboard engines. We also stock Gear Oil, Marine Grease and Marine Maintenance Spray as well as oil sorbent sheet to help clear up any spillages or oils in the bilge.

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    These smaller, double thickness pads are designed for use in confined spaces. Their high absorbency makes them perfect for cleaning up small spills and wiping oily equipment. Learn More
    £1.55 Excl. VAT

    Brass Oil change hand pump 300mm long Learn More
    £21.86 Excl. VAT
  3. EP 80W90 Hypoid EP Gear Oil

    Hypoid EP Gear Oil Rock oil EP gear oils are extreme pressure lubricants suitable for all gearbox and differential applications where the API specification GL4 is stipulated. Meets or exceeds the following Specifications: API GL-4 Learn More

    Starting at: £3.44


    Mineral Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil DIN 51524 PART 1&2, DIN 51515 AFNOR NFE 48-603 (HL & HM) Rock Oil HLP32 is a high quality, viscosity grade 32, mineral oil based, hydraulic oil. This oil contains high levels of anti-wear, anti-corrosion, antioxidation and anti-foam additives. This is oil is specially suited to hydraulic systems where high levels of anti-wear and protection are required in conjunction with good service life reliability. Learn More
    £19,- Excl. VAT
  5. MP3 Sport 2 Stroke Marine Outboard Oil

    The only test procedure for 2 stroke engines that carries a recognised specification are the NMMA TCW tests. NMMA oils have in the past shown performance deficiencies in high performance “air cooled engines”. However, Rock Oil overcame this “air cooled deficiency” and produced MP 3 Sports, a NMMA TC-W3 approved oil, capable of the lean fuel to oil ratios of modern high performance air and liquid cooled two stroke engines. The benefits from MP 3 Sports include an excellent cleanliness of combustion, providing very low rates of emission, and versatility to cope with the wide range of fuels available world wide leaded or unleaded. The result of tests, have shown MP3 Sports to be particularly excellent in anti-plug fouling capabilities and able to provide superlative anti-wear and anti-scuffing as well as high resistance to piston seizure, ring sticking, port blocking, piston varnish and combustion chamber deposits. To give an indication of the lubrication potential of MP 3 Sports it should be noted that phase 1 of the NMMA tests includes running at a fuel oil mixture of 150:1. MP 3 Sports can be used in injection or premix systems, when using as a premix it should be used at manufactures’ recommended ratios and mixed thoroughly. It is approved for all 2 stroke outboard motors and meets or exceeds the following specifications: NMMA TC-W3 Learn More

    Starting at: £6.70

  6. MP4 + Sport 4 Stroke Marine Outboard Oil

    Rock Oil MP Plus semi synthetic engine oil is specially designed for use in all modern 4 Stroke outboards. MP+ Sport has recently been reformulated and improved and has attained the prestigious NMMA FC-W accreditation. With all new modern 4 stroke outboards requiring this specification, MP + Sport can be used with confidence in all 4 stroke outboard applications where NMMA FC-W is required. MP plus has been blended from the highest quality base oil with stateof-the-art synthetic additives to withstand the rigours of the marine environment. It provides excellent protection from start-up, even in the lowest temperatures, to the high operating temperatures of high revving 4 stroke outboard engines. The advanced additive technology gives maximum protection whilst reducing deposits and corrosion on all components, ensuring longer engine life and optimum performance in all conditions. It is suitable for use in both petrol and diesel outboards where a 10w30 or a 10w40 engine oil is recommended. It is approved to the following specifications: API SL NMMA FC-W Learn More

    Starting at: £6.45

  7. MP4 Sport 4 Stroke Inboard Oil

    Semi-synthetic 4-stroke marine inboard oil MP4 Sport is a premium grade, semi-synthetic, 4-stroke engine oil, designed for use in the latest generation high performance engines. The advanced additive, high detergent formulation ensures maximum engine component protection and superior resistance to deposits and corrosion, resulting in extended engine life and optimum performance under all conditions. Meets or exceeds the following specifications: API SL/CG-4, ACEA A3/B4, 15W40 Learn More

    Starting at: £5.52


    The Economy Oil Absorbent Pillow is an excellent absorber of pooled liquids that can gather in tight spaces behind machinery and work benches. The pillow is hydrophobic (absorbs hydrocarbons and repels water) so it is designed to selectively absorb large volumes of oil. A stitched spun bonded outer provides greater material strength and enables the pillow to better retain already absorbed liquid. The Economy Oil Absorbent Pillow is an ideal method for absorbing and containing liquids in the workplace and outdoors. Hydrophobic: Ideal for absorbing oil whilst repelling water Ideal for absorbing pooled liquids in tight spaces Manufactured with a stitched spun bonded outer Dimensions: 300mm x 250mm Absorbency per pillow: 2.5 litres Pack absorbency: 50 litres Learn More
    £4.08 Excl. VAT

    SANOL OIL SORBENT FOR TANKFILL ( PK 3 ). Sorbent matapprox 8" x 10" wth centre cut-out for protecting decks and other areas when filling fuel tanks. Learn More
    £3.58 Excl. VAT
  10. SANOL OIL ABSORBENT MAT 500 X 400 (Pack of 2 )

    SANOL OIL SORBENT MAT 500 X 400 (PK 2 ).  For use under engines, vehicles, work benches etc Learn More
    £2.43 Excl. VAT

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